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Today is the Best Day



Ps 145 is the first of the 'Triumphant Hymns.' Think about that for a second…Triumphant Hymn.
"Triumphant" - having won a battle, victorious, jubilation! 
We have already won the battle over sin, he has already forgiven us - we just have to accept his offer of mercy and compassion. However, a lot of the time we feel unworthy to accept his mercy and forgiveness and we continue to beat ourselves up for the wrong we have done. 
I was once given the example - 'Shelly, when one of your granddaughters does something wrong, do you show them mercy and still love them?' Of course, my answer was yes. She then said, 'when you do something wrong why do you not extend that same mercy to yourself?' That really struck a chord for me. 
As humans we put our human character traits on Jesus and expect him to get upset or angry like we do instead of remembering his character is beyond what we can comprehend, and his love is so deep that he really would have died just for one. It pains his heart to give up on anyone of us, so why do we give up on ourselves and think we are not worthy? He has the tenderest sympathy for us especially when he sees our struggles in this wicked world. 
Jesus loves us so much that he already made the way for forgiveness we just have to accept the fact that he actually loves us and does not want to be mad at us when we do wrong, just like I love my granddaughters when they do wrong. 
Why not allow our creator to love us and extend his healing power of mercy and compassion to us when we have strayed. Instead of beating ourselves up, why not Shout the Victory of the Psalms - TODAY IS THE BEST DAY BECAUSE JESUS LOVES ME.

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