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It used to be, whenever I would be asked to pray in front of people - even if it was just one or two people - I would get this undeniable sense of panic in my belly. So much so that I would start to sweat and feel nauseous. I remember that I felt like such a failure as a Christian. I mean - what kind of Christian can't pray?

I realize now that I don't have to have the perfect prayer and that there is a time and place for different types of prayer. There are times when we are supposed to pray in public - in church, or in a group, or over food are just some examples of this kind of general public prayer. But if we are getting personal with God - down to the nitty-gritty of our wants and needs from Him - that is something that needs and should be done in private. Even now I often feel like I have no idea what to say when I pray. But luckily for you and me, in Matthew 5:8 Jesus tells us that God already knows what I need. I don't need the perfect prayer to be able to talk with God. I can be 'real' with Him - I don't need to put on a show nor should I. He knows me better than anyone else. He is my Creator and my Provider. I know that if I am following His will that my every need will be supplied.

As we start this new year, my prayer for you is that you will find the time to get 'real' with God. Get to know Him and let Him get to know you. Don't be afraid to talk with God - trust me - He is the best Friend you could ever have.

By: Savana Wakefield


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