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My Fridge is Empty



So my husband and I just returned from a 10-day trip. We had to wake up really early in the morning and neither of us were hungry at the time. But by the time we arrived home we were both starting to feel that way. We decided we would unpack quickly and then see what we had. Well, like all good travelers leaving for any length of time - we had emptied our refrigerator - given all of our produce and 'open containers' to the in-laws so that they could be used and wouldn't spoil while we were gone. Because really….who wants to come home to that?! Opening my refrigerator and finding nothing; my first thought is, 'great! I just got home and I have to go out again. I have to replenish my food.'


As I continue to read my bible and grow in my walk with Christ - I often realize that it is not the great, shocking revelations (…we all have those at some point) that speak the most to me. It is the little things. The everyday things that speak the loudest to me. Like opening my fridge and seeing it empty.

Our lives, especially as Bible-believing Christians, involve a lot of giving of ourselves.  It is what we are called to do - when we love God we are overflowing and want to give to those in need. We have a giving spirit just like Jesus did. We have this refrigerator full of the love of God that we are just waiting and wanting to pull from. Giving spiritual food to all that we can - preparing God's love to those that will come and see what He has done in our lives. But our well of giving can run low - where we feel worn down and running on empty. We need to make sure that we are not getting lost in the giving. We need to make time for ourselves and our own spiritual health.


So how does one replenish your spiritual fridge? What 'store' can replenish that spiritual food so that we can keep feeding those around us?


Luke 5:15 states regarding Jesus:


"So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed."


Take the example from Jesus - we need to spend time with God. Only He can replenish the soul with spiritual food. We often need to replenish our physical bodies with physical food - how much more so do we need to replenish our spiritual bodies with spiritual food in this world that is so evil. This world caters to the sickness of sin and that is a wasting sickness. One that eats at, not just the outside, but the inside as well.


2 Thessalonians 3:3 states:


"But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one."


And Psalm 55:22 states:


"Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved."


God promises to guard and sustain us from all evil; from everything in this world that would try to bring you down and keep you there. Just remember these promises He gives us and take the time to replenish your spiritual fridge by spending time in His word and in prayer. Trust me - your fridge will never be empty.

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